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Complexia is a small company specialising in Prototyping, Testing and Manufacture of Polyurethane Foam solutions for industries such as; Automotive, Aerospace, Rail and many more.


Established in 2006 we have over 40 years of expertise within the poly-foam industry. We take ideas from concept through the full production process including; Design > Tooling > Prototyping > Testing > Manufacture.


Working with Jaguar Land Rover for many years has ensured we are flexible, trusted and dependable. Time and again we develop innovative solutions for the challenges presented to us. Which is why we are confident we can help you with any requirement you may have. Our experience and expertise can be brought to bear at any stage of a project ensuring the right outcome on any suitable project. We can offer project management and consultancy services in addition if required.

I Wanna Know What Foam Is

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What Is Polyurethane?

The Chemistry

Fundamentally, a urethane linkage is produced by reacting an isocyanate group (-N=C=O) with a hydroxyl group (OH) in the presence of a catalyst and other additives. Foaming results from either the gas produced by evaporation of low boiling hydrocarbon or by carbon dioxide which forms from the reaction between isocyanate and water. 

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Table Edging

Polyurethane Foam can be moulded into many various forms with varying degrees of hardness and durability. One use you may not be aware of but is in use every day everywhere is; Table Edging. This adds a protective edge to any tabletop surface and can act as a barrier to prevent any sharp edges from causing harm to people or can act as a cushion to prevent damage to the table surface itself.


Foam acoustic

Acoustics & Packing

Medium Density Flexible PU Foam is used everyday for helping secure and protect valuable and highly breakable items when being shipped or transported by air in flight cases. This is a block style foam that is cut to suit it's encasing. It is also used in sound and recording studios to deaden external sound attributes for a clearer sounding recording. It is invaluable, low cost and highly versatile.



Noise, Vibration & Harshness or NVH

PU Foam is used in many parts of cars which you are probably unaware of. It helps reduce road noise, vibrations throughout the chassis and can soften the overall ride reducing harshness. Various mouldings and size pieces of PU Foam are inserted in between panels of the car all around such as wheel arches, exhaust manifolds and door trim so it becomes an integral component of every single car on the road today.


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Integral Skin Foam

You may not realise it but the moment you sit on a train or in your car and start your journey, you are surrounded by Integral Skin Foam products that make up your seat, car steering wheel, armrest, handbrake, gear knob, dashboard and many other components that give a car and train and other modes of transport its interior aesthetic and functionality.



Flexible Pu Foam in Furniture

Flexible PU Foam is used in most of our furniture to provide comfort and appealing design. Depending on the overall purpose of the piece of furniture the PU Foam can be formulated for luxurious comfort or be formed for a thinner yet harder compound to still provide support and comfort. It is the very nature of the various compounds and hardnesses that gives the PU Foam its versatility and flexibility both literally and descriptively.


Key Customers

Jag Cust testimonial

Complexia are the best at what they do. We have worked together for many years and they have earned the coveted Tier 1 Supplier Status with JLR. When we start testing and developing new moulds it's Complexia that we call

Smithwaite Cust testimonial

Complexia can offer a level of expertise and support that is unrivaled in the polyurethane industry. Whether it's Low Volume Production Support you need or Moulding Prototyping then Complexia is definitely the company you need 

IAC Cust testimonial

We have called upon Complexia on numerous occasions and they have always offered their expertise and helped in every situation. We will be calling on Complexia for future projects too 

Meet the Team

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The man, the legend, the boss, top banana, the big cheese, the one and only... Mr Foam himself! He knows so much about Polyurethane he's literally foaming at the mouth!
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Chief Drummer! Face to face or over the phone. Martin will be your first and regular point of contact from Complexia as he is usually out and about drumming up business! If he's in the office he becomes Tea Boy or part of the furniture, so best out on the road.
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All things administration. Director of first impressions and PA (not PU) to Tony. Yes she's real and not made of foam!
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If it involves getting the word out then I'm your man! All things marketing and web based and online socialite. See you online!

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The Chemistry

Fundamentally, a urethane linkage is produced by reacting an isocyanate group (-N=C=O) with a hydroxyl group (OH) in the presence of a catalyst and other additives...

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