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Prototyping & Product Development is something Complexia excel at.

From concept through to component we  pride ourselves in being able to meet your requirements, even if time is tight.


We specialise in low volume, short run manufacture of polyurethane components.

If your requirements are unusual in terms of size, shape, colour or required quantity, we can probably help.


With 3D scanning technology, we can quickly recreate CAD from an existing part.

Working almost like a reverse 3D printer, we can scan a legacy part, correct any faults, and produce a drawing from which a mould can be made.


When supply problems rear their ugly head, we can step in at short notice to support production.

Bridging the gap while your main supplier gets things in order, ensuring everything can continue to run smoothly.

We are a UK based company specialising in Low Volume Manufacture of Polyurethane Foam components.

We provide multiple technical solutions for industries such as; Automotive, Furniture and many more. ​

Established in 2006, but with over 40 years of experience within the PU industry, we take ideas from concept through the full production process.

Our clients include OEMs and multinationals Our clients include OEMs and multinationals and over the years we have proved to be up to the challenge of finding innovative solutions to complex engineering problems.

Our proficiency and expertise can be called upon at any stage of a project to help to achieve a successful outcome. We can also offer project management and consultancy services, if required.

PU Spray Comes to Complexia

PU Spray Comes to Complexia

Our brand new Spray PU machine had now been delivered and is up and running! The primary purpose of this investment is to allow us expand our offering into the office...

Sprayed Polyurea (PU)

Sprayed Polyurea (PU)

Our new PU spray machine is on it’s way and should be up and running by the end of November.  The primary use for this machine will be to help us expand our...

Fire Testing how it used to be

Fire Testing how it used to be

Here's a blast from the aviation industry past, the Boston Chair Test from around 1985. As I remember the fuel source was 5 sheets of the New York Times in a brown...