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The new year meant new team kit for Derby’s rugby Club Under 12s Team, as Complexia, along with Guy Taylor Associates and Fuzzy Brands provided them with new shirts.

Boy stretching in new rugby kit, provided by the joint efforts of Complexia Ltd, Fuzzy Brands and Guy Taylor Associates.

MD of Complexia, Tony Arnold had a few words to say regarding the sponsorship;

“We wanted to invest in the community, specifically in the health and fitness of our young people. We also hope the new uniform will help build morale throughout the team and instill pride in the young players”

Complexia recognises the importance of health and fitness, especially with the rise of obesity among Britain’s young people. We are proud to support healthy lifestyles as part of our commitment to the local community.

Sponsored rugby team being coached.

Of course, we also hope to raise awareness of our company through this sponsorship. Hopefully this can help drive visits to our website where people can learn more about Polyurethane Foam.