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PU Foam by Industry
Which Industries does Complexia work with?

The uses for polyurethanes in industry are many and varied, too many to list here, but it would be fair to say that virtually every area of our lives is touched by PU. From the seat cushions we sit on to the insulation in our homes, offices and factories


Whether it be domestic or contract, Polyurethane Foams are probably the most commonly used plastic material used in the manufacture of furniture today. High Resilience flexible foams give that deep comfort for the home and long term support in the office or public space. Integral skin foams are a popular material armrests and decorative trim while rigid foams are sometimes used in structural components.


From the moment you sit in your car you are surrounded by PU components as Polyurethanes are by far the most used plastic materials. From things you can see such as RIM Bumpers and Integral Skin Rubstrips to things you can’t like Flexible Foam Seat Cushions and NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) control.


In addition to Flexible Foam cushioning and water resistant Integral Skin armrests, rigid polyurethane foams are used for buoyancy in not only the structure of the boat, but also in fenders and buoys.


Today’s construction industry is increasingly reliant on rigid polyurethane foam for its insulation properties. Many new build houses and extensions are built using SIPs (structural insulated panels), while exterior cladding and spray foam insulation is widely used in commercial developments.

PU Binders

PU Binders are materials which are used to consolidate non-reactive solid particles into a moldable compound. An example of this would be rubber crumb play surfaces for use on children’s playgrounds as an example.

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