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What can Complexia do for you?
With many years of experience in all areas of the PU Foam Industry, our aim is to support technical innovation and exploit the use of this versatile group of materials resulting in commercial gain for ourselves and our clients.


By utilising our many years of experience in the polyurethane foam business, we are able to offer advice and guidance on all aspects from design through to manufacture:

  • Plant & Machinery
  • Mould design & Manufacture
  • Production layout
  • Raw materials
  • Quality
  • Health & Safety

Product Development & Prototyping

We are able assist in product development and the production of prototype across the full range of polyurethane spectrum, including;

  • Flexible PU Foam
  • Sound, Vibration & Harshness suppressing PU Foams (NVH)
  • Flexible Integral Skin PU Foam
  • Rigid Integral Skin PU Foam
  • Rigid & Semi-Rigid PU Foam
  • Solid Cast & Elastomers
  • Rotomoulding
  • CSM – Composite Spray Moulding

Just bring us your idea and we’ll do the rest!

Production Support

If your supply is not able to meet your delivery date worry not, because at Complexia we can respond quickly and can bridge the gap. Through our network we can have mould tools in double quick time ready for production in our in-house facility to satisfy your demand whether it be 100’s, 1000’s or tens of thousands.


Blar blar blar

CSM - Composite Spray Moulding

CSM is a method of producing light weight moulded load bearing components for the Automotive Industry. This composite is generally constructed from a paper honeycomb and glass fibre matt all bound together by a sprayed rigid PU.

Project Management

RIM is a method of producing exterior body components such as car bumpers. Widely used in the Automotive and Mass Transport Industries, these components are tough and durable and where extra strength in needed, the material can be reinforced (RRIM). Finished components are generally paintable to give an finish which is compatible to body panels.

PU Binders

PU Binders are materials which are used to consolidate non-reactive solid particles into a moldable compound. An example of this would be rubber crumb play surfaces for use on children’s playgrounds as an example.


“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

John Doe, Divi CEO
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