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Complexia has many years experience in all areas of the Polyurethane Foam Industry. Our aim is to support technical innovation and exploit this versatile group of materials generating commercial gain for both our clients and ourselves.


We specialise in low volume manufacture of polyurethane components and are always happy to take on new jobs, whatever the volume.

Our clients range from multinational OEMs to micro SMEs for whom time and again we have proven ourselves up to the challenge of finding innovative solutions to complex engineering problems.

If you would like Complexia to help with short run requirements, why not give us a call? We would be happy to talk through your requirements and offer a solution. We see every project as a new opportunity and will do our best to help you make it a reality.


If a client comes to us with an existing part but no CAD model or paper drawing to work from, we are able to reverse engineer to reproduce that part or even make a modified version of it. 

Using 3D scanning technology, rapid prototyping and silicone rubber moulds, we are able to reproduce items that are as good as, and often better than the original. 


At Complexia we excel in Prototyping and Product Development and take pride in our ability to fulfill our clients requirements, even to tight timeframes. 

We have a varied history of assisting in prototyping and development across a range of Polyurethane Foams. Including;

  • Flexible PU Foam
  • Noise, Vibration & Harshness suppressing PU Foams (NVH)
  • Flexible & Rigid Integral Skin PU Foam
  • Rigid & Semi-Rigid PU Foam
  • Solid Cast & Elastomers

We are able to moving from concept through to tooling and  then parts in a very short space of time.


When supply problems rear their ugly head, we can step in at short notice to support production.  Bridging the gap while your main supplier gets things in order, ensuring everything can continue to run smoothly.

Through our network we can have mould tools in double quick time ready for production.

Using our in-house facility, we can be ready at a moments notice to satisfy demand, whether it be 100’s, 1000’s or tens of thousands.

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