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PU Foam by Type
What types of Foam can we make for you?

Put simply, it’s a bit like making bread; the various ingredients are mixed together and poured into a mould where they are left to rise (but generally not baked), and after a short period the finished moulding is removed. The vast array of properties, e.g. hardness and density, are achieved by varying the recipe and moulding conditions.

Flexible Foam

Flexible PU foams are open cell and their primary use is in seat cushioning in the Automotive, Mass Transport and Furniture Industries. In addition to this they are increasingly used to control noise, vibration & harshness (NVH)

Integral Skin

Flexible Integral Skin Foams are materials with an open-cell core with a self-generated outer skin, providing a tough, water resistant outer-coating. They are widely used by a variety of industries including Automotive, Mass Transport and Furniture and are used to create soft touch components which are aesthetically pleasing.

Rigid Foam

Rigid foams are inherently closed cell and therefore excellent insulators. Each cell contains a tiny amount of captive gas which collectively act like a group of thermos flasks keeping heat or cold, in or out. There are a wide range of rigid foams with different thermal properties. Some are moulded, but others are spayed, formed into block that can be cut to size, or injected into cavities.

Casting & Elastomers

Casting & Elastomers are non foamed PU materials which are used to produce solid components which can either be rigid or flexible. Typical applications are furniture edging and dunnage, and as an low cost alternative to injection moulding when low volumes are required.

NVH PU Foam (Noise, Vibration & Harshness)

Over the past few years PU foams have been increasingly used to help suppress sound and vibration in motor vehicles. These components are generally never seen as they are usually secreted inside body cavities or in the engine compartment but contribute greatly to passenger comfort.

CSM - Composite Spray Moulding

CSM is a method of producing light weight moulded load bearing components for the Automotive Industry. This composite is generally constructed from a paper honeycomb and glass fibre matt all bound together by a sprayed rigid PU.

RIM - Reaction Injection Moulding

RIM is a method of producing exterior body components such as car bumpers. Widely used in the Automotive and Mass Transport Industries, these components are tough and durable and where extra strength in needed, the material can be reinforced (RRIM). Finished components are generally paintable to give an finish which is compatible to body panels.

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